Imagine if you had...

➜ a framework for having deep, honest conversations and normalizing issues that are often difficult to bring up. 

➜ a roadmap for transforming your organizational culture into one that is equitable, reflective, and nimble at addressing complex challenges. 

➜ the information to help you build a workplace where everyone thrives, works well together, and positively impacts the world.

➜ a tool to use to continue to check in and reflect with each other over time. 

Or not. 

You can always continue to muck along, remaining in the dark about how you can build a thriving organizational culture, and your organization will likely continue plodding along in the same way it always has, dealing with the same old, tired issues.   

Once you’ve worked with the Complequity Organizational Assessment Tool you will be able to recognize issues that are hindering your staff’s ability to work well together and will have a roadmap for moving forward.

“Very user-friendly and straight-forward.”

“It’s very adaptable… helps people embody and innovate on culture.”

“We have found both the process and the results to be really interesting and useful.”

Here's what's included:

In addition to having access to the Complequity Organizational Assessment Tool (in both pdf and Survey Monkey form), you will receive:

➜ guide and four instructional videos

➜ overview describing the Complequity Tool that can be easily shared with other people in your organization

➜ sample participant introduction and glossary

➜ sample assessment findings presentation

The guide and videos cover the following topics:

➜ Introduction to the Complequity Tool

➜ Critical Assessment Domains of the Complequity Tool

  • Practices that support working with complex issues, 
  • Internal equity and inclusion practices, and
  • Organizational practices in reflection and collective care.

Organizational Readiness and Customization of the Complequity Tool

Interpretation and Presentation of Complequity Tool Data

By accessing the Complequity Tool you have a tool you can use to check in deeply with your staff, one that you can continue to use and guide your organization over time.

Choose your pricing option:

This is for you if...

➜ You’re dealing with low morale and turnover,

➜ Have challenges with recruiting new folk, 

➜ Are experiencing deep, intractable disagreements among staff, or

➜ There is poor communication. 

Or possibly worse. 

This is for you if...

➜ There’s stony silence and withholding among staff, or 

➜ You don’t even know if there is withholding.   

This is DEFINITELY for you if...

➜ Your organization is thrumming along just fine, and you don’t know why. How can you build on your success?  

➜ You don’t know how to assess, have courageous conversations about, or transform your organization’s culture. Not with regard to culture’s critical components, anyway.

Well, you’re in good company. Most people don’t have a clue about how to assess and transform organizational culture.

Here’s how the Complequity Tool can support your culture transformation:

➜ You’ll learn how to determine if your organization is ready for a cultural assessment, so you can decide what is the right timing for you.

➜ You’ll learn why organizational culture is important, including the three critical components for a thriving organizational culture, so that you can then assess for their presence in your organization.

➜ You’ll learn how to customize the Complequity Tool, so you have a tool that meets the needs of your organization. You’ll have access to an array of questions that can be used in a variety of ways.

➜ You’ll learn how to interpret and present findings, so you can develop a shared understanding of how your organization needs to move forward.

“I was interested in seeing the results, which is an indicator that the questions were good.”

“We have found both the process and the results to be really interesting and useful.”

“A deep bow of respect and appreciation for creating this tool.”

By the end, you'll walk with...

The key questions that tap into whether your workplace is a place where people look forward to being part of each day

The questions to ask to learn where and when staff feel included, valued, seen, and heard

Be on the road to having even greater social impact by finding ways to work well together

As a bonus, you will have joined the world of organizational changemakers that embrace an open-hearted culture of engaging in deep inquiry with their staff so they have the muscle and stamina to move forward with their goals


Q: I’m an organizational consultant. Can I use the Complequity Tool with multiple clients? 

A: Yes, once you access the Complequity Tool, you may use it with as many clients as you would like; however, your clients may not share the tool with people outside of their organization.


Q: I work for a particular organization that is interested in using the Complequity Tool. Can I share the Complequity Tool with people outside of our organization?

A: No, the Complequity Tool should only be accessed by people within your organization.


Q: Can I use the Complequity Tool to assess Board culture?

A: The Complequity Tool is designed to assess staff culture; however, it can be easily customized by you to do so.


Q: I don’t know if my organization is ready for a full cultural assessment. Why should I get the Complequity Tool?

A: While the Complequity Tool can be used in its entirety as a survey tool, it comprises many different questions that can be used to launch important, deep individual or group conversations on particular topics of interest.


Q: Why should I pay for the Complequity Tool when there’s so many free organizational assessment tools out there?

A: Go ahead and take a look at what’s available! If other tools serve your needs, great. If you’re looking for a nuanced, comprehensive tool that taps into the three critical components for a thriving organizational culture, components that are not often assessed together and represent the collective wisdom of many experts in the field of positive organizational functioning, then the Complequity Tool is your friend. 


Q: Can I get a version where the questions are already built out on an online platform?

A: Yes! The Complequity Tool is available on Survey Monkey! All you have to do is give me your account username and I will give you a copy of the Complequity Tool.   


Q: What’s included in the Complequity Tool curriculum?

A: You will have access to a guide and instructional videos, as well as an overview describing the Complequity Tool, a sample participant introduction and glossary, and a sample findings presentation.


Q: What kind of support is available to me beyond the curriculum? 

A: I am available for coaching and organizational consultation. Contact me!


Alissa Schwartz, MSW, PhD, Principal of Solid Fire Consulting, is an independent consultant who holds space for joy and possibility.

Alissa draws upon multiple influences in her work, including complexity systems theory, a background in theater directing and improvisation, experience in research and organizational behavior, and her eastern European Jewish cultural identity. She is inspired by and considers herself part of a contemporary and ancestral Jewish tradition of fighting for social justice, warmly hosting (and feeding!) people, and developing innovative, useful scholarship. 

Alissa has over twenty-five years of experience working in the non-profit sector. She is based out of New York City and has worked nationally and internationally with varied clients and settings.